Glendronach Single Casks: A Love Affair

GlenDronach Batch 10 Group shot infront LR

“Here try this,” is the first memory I have of starting at Milroy’s. The rich cask-strength whisky I had been passed was a single cask bottling of Glendronach distilled in 1989. This started a love-affair that led to a shotgun wedding, which, against all the odds, has survived the trials and temptations that challenge any marriage. Younger and flashier whiskies have flaunted their bits but have been spurned in favour of this sherry-matured Aberdeenshire malt.

The traditional initiation at Milroy’s is for new staff members to sample their first Glendronach single cask. To date not a single employee hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with Glendronach, and over enthusiastic selling means we can barely get enough of the damned stuff. Continue reading

The Milroy’s Blog is Re-Launched!

saharaSpring is in the air and as the recent invasion of Saharan sand dunes are washed off the streets of Soho by the April showers people are starting to emerge from the offices and production houses into the West End sunlight.

The hubbub of the bars and cafes along Old Compton Street grows, the Hare Krishnas sing with extra vigour and people are bravely eating lunch in the Square under the hungry, dead-eyed,  borderline-psychopathic scrutiny of the pigeon massif.

There is simply nothing like Soho in the spring; the one time of year when it isn’t too cold and grey, or too hot and oppressive. From June until March stay in a bar: seriously, do not go outside – hand the bartender your credit card and under no circumstances leave.

sohow1Spring, however, is a great time to indulge in the delights of London’s original drink scene. So what better time to re-launch our whisky blog?

The one thing that can be said about us is that we kind of like to talk about whisky (and whiskey, and gin, and wine, and beer, and well… well, we like ethanol essentially). Seeing as we spend all day and most of the evening talking about the confounded stuff it really is time we got our act together and put pen to paper more regularly.
Over the upcoming months we will be bringing you product reviews, reports from the front line of the West End bar scene and plenty of comment and opinion on the rise and rise of whisk(e)y. Plus some stuff on other spirits, cocktails and anything else we can think of.

Check out our Facebook Page and Twitter feed for all the latest news and banter. Better still, if you’re around Soho come and have a drink with us at one of our Tasting Events.

We hope to see you all soon!

The Chaps at Milroy’s